Stage 1: Loja to Alhama de Granada, 39km

Total Ascent : 1330 m / Total Descent : 976 m

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  1. Start at Race Hotel Manzanil in Loja. Tarmac road becomes dirt and rock after 3km.
  2. Hard ascent through desert landscape. Very little shade to CP1 at approx. 11km.
  3. Undulating, arid track to CP2 at approx. 21km.
  4. Gradual descent on track to approx. 5km of tarmac and CP3 at approx. 31km.
  5. Continue on track to right turn, approx. 2km steep climb around Los Tajos Olive Co-op.
  6. Approx. 3 km to Stage Finish at Alhama de Granada municipal pool.
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View Stage Two →

Note: Route and itinerary are subject to change depending on weather and natural changes to the environment throughout the year. Final elevation gain / loss, Checkpoint Distances / Closing Times will be confirmed at the event briefing.

A ‘Road Book’ with marked stage maps, descriptions, and grid references will be issued on race registration days. The route will be marked every 100 – 500m, monitored by Checkpoint teams approximately every 10km, and patrolled by vehicle support.

RacerPosDorsalStage Time
Manuel Pastor Ortiz1563:38:55
Dean Thompson2673:56:08
Pieter Palmans3543:58:21
Will Hardy4284:01:38
Walter Packolet5534:04:25
Therese Falk6194:08:56
Kristof SpiessensT7.654:13:44
Robert TreadwellT7.704:13:44
Andrei Badiu954:22:13
Yassine Azzouza1044:25:00
Tina Bergman1174:25:02
Jennifer Bradley1294:25:13
Ray Raper13594:31:15
Warny Saurbrey14644:32:07
Soonseng Ong15514:33:03
Laura Watson16104:34:08
Christina Khinast17384:36:18
Alasdair Moore18444:45:27
Gamel KamliT19.364:47:06
Barry FrenchT19.244:47:06
Frank Chu21124:49:22
Jo Rodda22624:51:28
Siawhua Lim23404:51:42
Nils Nyrup24484:51:45
Jens Arne Christiansen2534:51:47
Marc Hertoghs26294:52:39
Kristina FinchT27.234:53:31
Kim OlsenT27.504:53:31
Sam Reed29604:55:05
Mick Concannon30154:58:04
Peter Clist31144:58:31
Ronny Van Dessel32744:58:55
John Osullivan33494:59:37
Danny Palmers34555:02:41
Barbara Trechslin35715:04:51
Neil Thubron36695:06:47
Johnny Wulff37305:08:02
Scott Field38225:08:34
Peter Kleist39395:10:59
Maria Bonne Hansen4085:12:14
Dietmar Rosenau41635:15:39
Stefan Kapellen42375:17:14
Larissa Chankseliani43115:19:10
Gareth StrideT44.665:19:32
Kisha JosieT44.355:19:32
Paul Morgan46465:20:43
Jakob Ljungberg47425:23:02
John Hammond48265:23:12
David Ickringill49325:24:21
Mark GallenT50.255:38:14
Peter BarnishT50.65:38:14
Frank Oushoorn52525:40:44
Matthias Ehrhardt53175:47:37
Kevin WebberT54.315:53:44
Margaret MorganT54.455:53:44
Gilles Antoine5626:00:58
Annie Dougall57166:03:24
Peter Robinson58616:06:36
Pia Neve59476:08:50
Dan Jensen60346:08:55
Juerg Fehr61206:14:28
Susan Hardy62276:51:00
Mario Feist63216:54:32
Judith TrierT64.726:54:39
Gilbert EspinoT64.186:54:39
Timothy Peplinski66586:54:53
Helena MattheysesT67.436:58:02
Janet PayneT68.576:58:02
Michael ThompsonT68.686:58:02
Altie Clark70137:00:01
Hugues Jacquemin71337:02:56
Samira Ahmed7217:09:51