Please thoroughly review the Rules & Regulations and Race Itinerary

AAUT welcomes your inquiry. Please thoroughly review the Rules & Regulations and Race Itinerary and read below to see if your question has already been addressed. If not, contact Team Axarsport at “info@teamaxarsport.com“. A response will post within 24-hours with an email alert.

Where is the race located?

AAUT starts and finishes in our host town, Loja. Strategically placed in the heart of Andalusia, it is an ideal base for exploring the region. Accommodation for competitors and race personnel will be at the Hotel El Mirador 4*. The race organizers make all Hotel El Mirador 4* reservations.

How do I get there?

Located by the A-92 motorway, Loja is just 35 minutes from Granada airport and 55 min from Malaga airport. For more information on arrivals and departures, go to the Travel page.

Are competitors required to finish each stage within a set time limit?

There will be a time limit on each stage in 2022 based on a 5.5-6.5km/h minimum average speed requirement per stage. The checkpoint closing times will be posted the evening before the following day’s stage. If a particular competitor is struggling during a stage, the Race Doctor and Race Director will be called on to make the decision if the runner can stay in or be pulled out. This is safer for the runner due to the high temperatures and sun exposure. If a runner does not reach a CP by the CP closing time, he/she will be picked up and driven to the stage finish. The Race Doctor and Race Director’s decision is based on the personal safety of the runner and support team and their word is final.

What happens if I can’t complete a stage?

A runner who drops out of a stage may continue running on a later day with the Race Organization’s approval but would no longer be classified for the overall race in the General Classification Results. A dropped-out runner may still qualify for the podium on an individual stage but will not be considered for the overall race results.

Runners that drop out on Stage Two, and do not plan to run again, may share the expense of a taxi from the village back to the race hotel or join the volunteers if space is available. The organization cannot carry participants that drop out from site-to-site otherwise.

Are there facilities to recharge watches and phones at the various campsites?

We have electricity and multi-socket points at each campsite. Don’t forget a 2-pin adapter!

Can we buy fresh food at the villages and camps where we are staying?

The race hotel is 1 km from a large supermarket. Stage 1 is in walking distance of a few restaurants and grocery stores. Stage 2 ends in Játar where a restaurant offers a special menu for runners to purchase. There is no grocery store. The Stage 3 campsite is remote. The organization prepares a paella meal on location. Stage 4 is in a campsite and will offer a pasta meal. Stage 5 ends back at the hotel for the Gala Dinner.

We encourage competitors to bring dehydrated meals to eat as soon as possible after a stage finish. There will be boiling water available. We also suggest a dehydrated breakfast.

Can I arrive earlier to acclimatize?

Yes. Please contact the race organization at info@teamaxarsport.com to book extra days of accommodation at the race hotel Mirador.

Do I need to know how to read a map and a compass?

No. The course is well-marked with bright pink ribbons and marking paint. Road junctions are heavily marked to prevent runner error. The runner must review and read the Official Race Road Book provided at registration. It is important that every runner depends on her/his own navigation abilities by following the official race markings and not simply follow other runners or GPX files.

What are the categories?

Men’s ranking: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Women’s ranking: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Team ranking: First place

I would like to volunteer. Do I need to have previous experience?

It is a plus, but not a requirement. Volunteers will gain experience in everything from event organization to ultra running. Please go to the Volunteers section of the website for information and application.