Stage 5: Alhama de Granada to Loja, 37km

Total Ascent : 1120 m / Total Descent : 1500 m

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RacerPosDorsalStage Time
Richard Hayes1312:49:54
Mauricio Lobato Nuñez2432:54:14
Carlos Magno Goncalvez Da Cruz3253:05:15
Charlie Sharpe4553:21:29
Gordon ParkinsonT5.473:28:27
Jochen TourlousseT5.573:28:27
Bart Eigenhuis7183:36:27
David Jury8383:39:24
Kaare Lassalle Frandsen9203:46:00
Graham HarrawayT10.273:52:43
Liz WeeksT10.623:52:43
Simon Pryde12503:53:05
Marc Castricum13103:55:28
Sarah Whittington14633:59:51
Tim Van Den Broeck15594:10:27
Megan Dale16144:11:32
Steven Reid17514:16:07
Fred Coppens18134:16:22
Peter Loos19444:25:15
Hans Lems20424:31:10
Tom Toye21584:34:28
Tony Salter221274:36:29
Allison BoschT23.44:46:13
Ian GlassT23.244:46:13
Richard Van Der Klis25604:51:19
Steven Farnham26194:59:51
Peter Barnish2725:04:28
Vibeke BacheT28.15:08:58
Arend BurgersT28.65:08:58
Susanne HastrupT28.305:08:58
Steve Cable3185:14:41
Norman Charles32125:17:34
Eliane Carvalho De Souza3395:24:56
Francoise Therin34565:31:53
Denise Lowther35455:36:20
Kirsty HarveyT36.295:38:58
Jesper KramerT36.415:38:58
Paula GreenT38.265:41:42
Angie SalterT38.545:41:42
Phillip Henwood40365:44:18
Mario Penzen41495:45:08
Sylvie Blanco4235:57:53
Phil Gatsky43236:01:07
Liz Brash4456:09:53
Daniel Ditlev Pedersen45486:14:47
Stefan Muller46466:22:52
Mark Gallen47226:30:44
Fernando Antonio De FariasT48.156:46:53
Fabiano Juliao VieiraT48.376:46:53
Tracey De WaalDNS16-
Penni DymondDNS17-
Denis GaleonDNS21-
Graeme HarveyDNS28-
Morten HellbergDNS32-
Alexander HellbergDNS33-
Christian HellbergDNS35-
Orla KastbergDNS39-
Benny KeuppensDNS40-
Joanne RoddaDNS52-
Lieven VandenbrouckeDNS61-
Paul MottDNS666-
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  1. Start at El Motor campsite outside of Alhama de Granada and follow single-track around lake.
  2. Continue through Alhama gorge to town. Pass farmer’s market and Stage 1 finish.
  3. Ascent on track, past road crossing, then descent to CP1 at approx. 10km.
  4. Undulating mountain track to CP2 at approx. 20km.
  5. Continue through olive fields on track to CP3 at approx. 28km.
  6. Descent to town of Salar. Pass through town onto final track to race finish, approx. 7km away.
  7. Pass through tunnel under the Autovia and final 2km on tarmac to race finish at Hotel Manzanil.
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← View Stage Four View Stage One →

Note: Route and itinerary are subject to change depending on weather and natural changes to the environment throughout the year. Final elevation gain / loss, Checkpoint Distances / Closing Times will be confirmed at the event briefing.

A ‘Road Book’ with marked stage maps, descriptions, and grid references will be issued on race registration days. The route will be marked every 100 – 500m, monitored by Checkpoint teams approximately every 10km, and patrolled by vehicle support.